Understanding My Bill

Your monthly KCP&L bill contains a wealth of information.

Your monthly KCP&L statement is more than a bill. It is your first source of information concerning the way you use electricity and the way KCP&L charges you for that service. You'll find important information on the bill, including:

  • Timely, helpful messages about your rates, special programs, electrical safety, energy efficiency and payment options
  • Information about your business's monthly energy usage
  • Your business account summary and billing details
  • KCP&L contact information
Learn more about the information in your Kansas or Missouri bill with a detailed example.

Understanding Your Electricity Usage

Your KCP&L bill can help show you how to save. On the simplest level, using less electricity over the billing period helps reduce your bill amount. However, for business customers, managing when and how you use electricity can yield the biggest savings. To help reduce usage, we offer energy-saving tips to help you manage costs. KCP&L also offer rebates and incentives to help you purchase energy-efficient equipment for your business. These products help you save electricity as soon as you install them.

Your bill can also help you understand the best way to change how and when you use electricity. The various charges provide insight to how we price the service we provide and how your total bill can be impacted by the way you use electricity.  A few targeted changes to the way your organization uses electricity can also help you save.

Manage the demand your business places on the electric grid:
Avoid or mitigate large and sudden spikes in your usage.

  • Loads that are relatively consistent tend to result in better rates.
  • A high demand in one month can impact your facilities charge for the following eleven months.
  • A high demand in the summer months can limit your ability to benefit from seasonal pricing that is part of demand and facilities rates.  
Balance your usage throughout the year:
Maintain a good load factor (the relationship between your energy and demand). 

  • The Hours-Use aspect of the rate provides better pricing for higher consistency. 

Redirect consumption to non-summer months.

  • Rates during the summer months tend to be higher, increasing your annual bill.
  • The Annual Base Demand aspect of the rate provides an opportunity for non-summer usage to be priced at a seasonal rate, providing additional savings.

If you need more explanation, KCP&L can help you understand these concepts. Please contact your KCP&L representative or the Business Center at (816) 221-2323 to learn more.