Supplier Registration

Tell us about the products and services you provide by registering for KCP&L’s eSupplier online portal.

New to KCP&L? 

Suppliers that are not yet doing business with KCP&L must first register as a bidder on our supplier portal before bidding on a sourcing event. (Internet Explorer 10 and 11 are not supported by our supplier portal. If you have one of these, please use compatibility mode.) 

To register:

  • Visit the eSupplier login page
  • Click Register as a Sourcing Bidder
  • Complete the bidder registration using this information:
  • Company contact information 
  • Tax Identification Number
  • DUNS Number (if applicable)
  • EMR rating for the most recent year (if applicable)
  • OSHA 300 and 300-A logs (if applicable)
  • Most recent OSHA Ratings and year (if applicable)

Already doing business with KCP&L?

Suppliers already registered with our eSupplier portal have access to all its capabilities:

  • Visibility to Sourcing Events (RFQs, RFPs, etc.) and the ability to respond online
  • Visibility to Purchase Orders and the ability to acknowledge or request changes online
  • Visibility to Payment Status online

To complete your registration:

  • Visit the eSupplier login page
  • Click Register as a Supplier.  
  • Complete the supplier registration using this information:
    • Access code from KCP&L 
    • Vendor ID (10-digit number from buyer)
    • Tax Identification Number
  • Choose a password that meets this criteria:
    • Minimum Length: 8 characters
    • Special Characters: minimum of 1
    • Digits: minimum of 1
    • Lower Case: minimum of 1
    • Upper Case: minimum of 1
  • Please refer to the eSupplier Registration and User Guide for registration assistance and configuring your account.