Generation Contractors

Please review these requirements for doing business with KCP&L.

Generation Division Contractors

In addition to pre-qualification documentation, generation contractors, vendors, visitors and drivers are subject to the policies and procedures (as is applicable to their work scope) within the Contractor Safety Requirements document below. 
All contractors, vendors, visitors and drivers are subject to the minimum Personal Protective Equipment policies outlined in Sections 9.2 Personal Protective Equipment. 

New Generation Division Locks Program 

The KCP&L Generation Division will be implementing a locks program in 2016. Contractors will be expected to provide their own satellite lock boxes and individual locks for each of their employees. 

  • The new Locks Program Contractor Video is available here.

  • The new Contractor Hold/Locks Procedure is here. - Revised March 1, 2016.
    Note: The Hold/Locks Procedure was changed to indicated that while it is a recommendation, KCP&L does not require that each contractor employee apply a personal lock to a lock box. However, even if the contractor does not use personal locks, the Contractor Representative shall still attach their lock to the KCP&L Satellite Lock Box.
  • The tentative roll-out schedule for our Generating facilities is here. - Revised August 23, 2016. 

  • Direct any questions regarding the Generation Locks Program to

Generation Sample Documents 

Generation Accidents & Injuries 

In the event of a work-related incident resulting in a contractor, vendor, visitor or driver injury or near miss, the contractor, vendor, visitor or driver shall notify their appointed KCP&L representative immediately. The contractor, vendor, visitor or driver shall provide the KCP&L Construction Safety representative or appointed KCP&L representative with an initial report of incident, in writing, within 24 hours of the accident. Hard copy or electronic formats are acceptable.
Other documentation requirements are outlined in Section 5.0 – Accident Reporting & Investigation. 

Generation Miscellaneous